Rambellwood Around the Table

A visit to the thirteen acres of the little farm we call Rambellwood wouldn’t be complete without an old-fashioned meal around the table. Around six o’ clock, say? Dense, savory smells will persuade you into the kitchen. Then, into the dining room, where the music of plates and glasses, the strumming chords and crashing cymbals of tea, crackling over fresh ice cubes, will settle you in your seat around the long table.

Welcome to Rambellwood.

We cherish the gathering of family and friends. We cherish the slow relishing of a good meal and natural conversation, the passing back and forth of food and thought. This is where Rambellwood was born.

We are a family of nine.

Raised by a musical father and a passionate, homemaking mother, we learned to express our love of people, honest conversation, and our gracious God, through music. Our growing up, this steadfast gift from our parents, has kept us afloat. Life has been bitter, but also kind.

In the late winter of 2012, we lost our mother to a long battle with cancer. It is a sorrow we are still struggling to accept. Now, we are a family of eight, reaching for the thread that still hold us together:

Our Lord and Savior is steadfast, and the truthful heart of music lives on, in and around us.

Will you join us around our table? We will discuss life and death, truth and lies. We will speak of books and babies, of fashion and family and film. And we will talk about music. Maybe even share some. Together, we will sing a new song.

Come and listen.