Welcome to Rambellwood!

Rambellwood is the name we gave the farm we grew up on, a combination of our last name, Ramsey, and our mother’s maiden name, Bellamy. Rambellwood, to us, means home and family, friends, laughter, good food, and music. We believe in music. In music while you drive, while you work. While you cook, or clean, or read or write. Music to dance to. Music to sing to. Music to share. It’s funny, but I find the passion for music welling up the most whenever I am on the road. Something about the rush of wheels underneath, the empty, open road ahead, and the endless possibilities rolling out on either side of my car. The rush of rhythm and sound pounds at my heart. Words roll up inside me.

Music has that power, that grace. Music can change us. Me. And You.

That is the hope and the heart that drives the music of Rambellwood. It is the inspiration that puts thoughts into words, and words into music.

Music is a journey. So let’s roll down the windows, turn up the volume, and see where the road takes us.